Model 24 trigger work.

The following are a few steps in improving the trigger pull on a Savage model 24C series P.
For this page, we are dealing only with sear engagement. No polishing or action smoothing is being done, though it would be easy to do at the same time.

Before we begin of course we must give the standard disclaimer... The information presented in this article assumes familiarity with basic gunsmithing and safe gun handling principles. The use of improper procedures may result in the creation of dangerous conditions and may result in severe injury or death. Any questions should be referred to a competent gunsmith. Neither the author, nor assumes any liability whatsoever for the readers application or use of any of the information contained herein and all work is done at the sole risk and expense of the reader. In other words, if you don't know what you're doing, or have no business trying, don't do it. And if you do it and screw it up, don't blame us. We warned you.

While the photos on this page are of a Model 24C series P, they are relevant to many other series of guns. In fact, the trigger mechanism is identical to the one on my 1980's vintage Series S.

Tools you will need:
A slotted and/or Phillips head screwdriver.
(depending on what type screws hold your butt plate on.)
A diamond lap or honing stone.
Punches of the proper size.
A hammer.
A nail or similar item to make a slave pin with.
Side cutters or hacksaw with which to make the pin.
Grease of some type. (helpful but not necessary).
And last but not least, one big ass screwdriver.


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